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  2005.12.25  19.41
'Tis the Season

It's a simple phrase, but hopefully you'll read it feeling the same good will and love with which I'm writing it. Merry Christmas.

Mood: cheerful

  2005.12.11  14.24
Merry Christmas, Oakland Children's Hospital!

Remember, it's the Christmas season. So don't forget to be charitable. Don't know how? How about buying a toy for a sick boy or girl. Child's Play makes it easy! There are other ways too. I'm sure if you just glance around you'll see canned food drives, toys for tots, etc. Good luck and merry Christmas!

Mood: content

  2005.12.07  16.48
Happy Festivus!

Good afternoon. It's been a while, hasn't it?

To business.

Thomas's birthday was Sunday. We'll be hitting the bars tonight. He said he would do a Bullsweat, no questions asked... the poor fool.

Despite what I told my brother about "not having time to play video games," he bought me a copy of Half Life 2 for my birthday. And, despite what I told my brother about "not having time to play video games," I still managed to make enough time to finish it in about a week... and it was excellent. Although, it did have to dig itself out of a pretty deep hole -- what with the excruciating load times and the intermittent freezing. And, no, I don't know how you dig yourself out of a hole.

Now I'm playing Quake 4. It's just another no-brainer shoot-em-up, but at least it's better than Doom 3. I still can't get myself to finish Doom 3... it's just not interesting anymore.

Christmas gift idea. I do talk to Kendra pretty much every night of the week, and I'd hate to someday think back on all of those wonderful conversations she and I had and think that they're what gave me brain cancer. Besides, I really like the feel of an old-fasioned handset in my hand when having a phone conversation. Oh, and I'm pretty sure an adapter is unnecessary for my Nokia phone.

AAAAaaaaaand... That's about it, I guess.

"Every man is as God made him, ay, and often worse."
- Miguel de Cervantes

Mood: content

  2005.11.18  19.34
Not So Secret

Victoria's Secret in SLO recently expanded and remoddeled a bit. With the update came brand new mannequins. Now these mannequins... Well, lets just say I feel kinda dirty just looking at them. They're more realistic, and tend to be in some provocative positions. I guess they've gotten some complaints in other parts of the country. I don't have a problem with them. They do their job... they sell sexy little nothings. However, I doubt they'll last long on the ultra-conservative central coast.

Mood: dorky

  2005.11.13  21.54
More Links

Back from a quick jaunt on the Internet.


n'uff of that. back to homework.

Mood: bored

  2005.11.08  22.24
CALO Is Watching

I know what you're wondering. "What does Jason do when he goes to work every day for SRI International?" Well, alot of programming work that I do is on the Iris Semantic Desktop, which is a soon-to-be open source AI framework developed for a little project called CALO. Someday, you will curse my name as a CALO-controlled T-800 hunts you down for termination!

Mood: busy

  2005.11.04  16.06
I've Got Nothing To Say To You

I haven't written a real post in a while (this seems to be a common occurrence for me and my cronies). So, I figured I'd take a quick break from work to say something... I'll say "hi."

I think I might be 4'reals a grad student by the end of this quarter (I've been a fake one for the past couple of quarters). However, that won't be soon enough for me to get grad student priority when registering for next quarter's classes. I'm nearly last this time around, so God knows what I'll find at the bottom of the pot.

Halloween was fun. I was down in SB with Kendra, we partied Fri and Sat night in IV, roamed a little on DP (hah! you have no idea what I'm talking about!). Santa Barbara is the Halloween party place you've heard about.

To the future... My 22nd day of birth is coming up. Yay for me (and the guy who looks like me). Kendra and I will have been together for two years (officially) in December. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun.

I haven't been up to too much fun stuff lately -- no frisbee golf, no video games, not even any runs. It's pretty much been work and school. About the only break I really give myself is to make dinner and to watch a little TV with dinner. Oh, and my dinners lately have been more involved, so I guess that's good... No hamburger helper. Instead I'll make hot pepper chicken with a side of corn-on-the-cob. It's my attempt at eating healthier... Plus it's fun to cook.

Ok, my job is staring me down from the other monitor, so I guess I should get back to work. Paz.

Mood: eh

  2005.10.28  20.02
She Probably Can't Spell "Physics"

Tell me more, Britney

Mood: relaxed

  2005.10.15  23.17
If He's So Dumb, How Come He's A Billionare?

Ever heard of the puzzle game petals of the rose? Well, I was told it's a puzzle. I, however, figured it out on the first play (seriously). Apparently, Bill Gates couldn't figure this thing out, and actually memorized the various combinations and answers rather than figuring out the trick.

I guess I'm alot smarter than Bill Gates. And that makes me feel good.

Mood: bored

  2005.10.09  22.39

Holy shit. I was actually crying, I was laughing so hard at this. It officially tops the insanity test.

Mood: silly

  2005.10.07  20.16
Jason's Needs

From Sarah's blog.

Heres what you do: Go to Google and type "(your name) needs," Then pick the FIVE funniest ones there.
If your name was James, you would put this: "James needs"
Then copy and paste this into a new bulletin with your answers filled in.

  • Jason needs to die already

  • Jason needs to SHUT UP

  • Jason needs to diet because he has become too fat

  • Jason needs treatment as well or he could die because of what is going on with his brain right now

  • Jason needs to send you some Toast-N-Serve Magic Bags!

Mood: cheerful

  2005.10.07  11.34
Lock-Dizzle, Represent!

So I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm getting my wish. I'm getting a shirt that says "I Trust John Lock" on it ;).

Mood: amused

  2005.10.04  15.01
What Would Lock Do?

I'd like a t-shirt that says "I Trust John Lock" on it. It might also be cool if it has a picture of his mug where he's smiling that smile that he smiles (you know the one). I would wear that shirt.

Ok, back to work! *whip noise*

Mood: blah

  2005.09.29  11.18
Liquified Art

Wow, so simple, yet so cool.

Mood: relaxed

  2005.09.22  21.36
Being a Nerd is Hard

Well, this quarter is going to have some doozy projects.

For my Distributed Computing class, I'll be taking my old raytracer that I wrote for my Advanced Rendering Techniques class and I'll be "distributing" it. This means that I'll be modifying it to spread the load of rendering complex scenes across any number of computers (so as to render the scene faster).

For my Artificial Intelligence class, I'll be working on a program that learns how to play card games purly through observation of real human players playing the game. I have no idea how this is to be done, but luckily I'm working with three other smart people (who also have no idea how it is to be done!). The game will be played on the computer, so that we don't have to worry about that finicky field of computer vision. I think it will be pretty cool if we can get it to work. If we can't get it to work, well I guess it's my own damn fault. It was my idea ;)

Well, I've got alot to do. Time to get to it.

Mood: hopeful

  2005.09.20  17.13
Cold++; Motivation /= 10;

Guess who get's to start their quarter with a cold?


So I've had all three of my classes. They don't seem too bad. One downer is that both of my CSC classes require that I attend lab. I've typically been able to get away with skipping lab. So that's where some of my precious time is going.

Also interesting is how one class is based entirely on quizes and tests (AERO 102), one class blends large midterms and finals with equally large projects (AI), and the last class is based solely on large projects (Distributed Computing). Of my choices, I prefer the latter.

My first AI lab today comprised of talking to a few of these guys. They tend to be pretty dumb, but it's still kinda fun. Besides, if there's nobody around to talk to, at least they'll listen.

Ok, gotta blow my nose.

Mood: sick

  2005.09.18  15.05
I Trust The Internet Wholeheartedly

I like this because this is me. Whenever I end up in a debate over some fact with somebody (say, that Pat Sajak as a glass eye... *cough, cough, Mike, cough*) I just say, "let's look it up on the Internet!"

Mood: geeky

  2005.09.16  20.37
Land-lubber Be Sayin' What?


Monday, the 19 day in the month of September, be Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye scurvy dogs! Ye best be celebratin', savvy?

Mood: ecstatic

  2005.09.15  23.59
Really Idiotic and Aggravating Assholes

I was surprised to find out that Switchfoot had come out with a new album just the other day. I like Switchfoot, so, rather than being a pirate (arrrr!), I was actually going to buy their CD. Y'know, I wanted to support the guys.

Then I find out that the only copies I could get have DRM (Digital Rights Management) built into them. This means that I can only listen to them in CD players. I can't rip the CD to my computer, and I can't then put those ripped songs onto my iPod. At least not without alot of work.

Fuck that! They (and the music industry in general) are bringing about their own downfall by forcing consumers to either choose from either a product that strips them of their fair use rights or an illigal copy from the Intertron.

So, I downloaded it from people who were fine with spending the time to break the DRM.

On a related note, it's not really their finest album. The lyrics, in fact, are kind of down and sulky.

Mood: predatory

  2005.09.14  15.11
Google Likes Me!

Google knows who I am!

Mood: mellow

  2005.09.08  09.33
It Doesn't Have Feelings

Kendra is getting an iPod nano. I shall no doubt oggle the younger, slimmer, sleeker iPod. But don't get me wrong; though my iPod is a little heftier and it is no longer as perfect and shiny as it once was, it still keeps me satisfied (musically, that is), and it will be my one and only MP3 player until its dying days.

Mood: nerdy

  2005.09.06  15.23
Covering Past, Present, and Future

Nobody played my game (see last journal entry). All well. I guess it was a pretty lame game.

There's a group of muscles in my body that I refer to as my "beach muscles." The best way to identify these muscles is to go to the beach, run around like a crazy person, swim in the freezing cold ocean, and throw frisbees, footballs, squishyballs, goozballs and bleezballs. The next morning, all muscles that hurt... those are your beach muscles.

Tentative schedule for the next week or so:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Gone Gone You are here Work Work Work Block Party!
Recover from block party Work Work Work Work Work Relax?
Sulk over Summer being over School/Work School/Work School/Work School/Work School/Work Homework :(

Mood: sore

  2005.09.03  20.19

Ok. New game.

Do a Google Image Search for an interesting word or phrase. Then pick the most interesting picture that you found in the results.

Ready go.

Word: smarty


Mood: bored

  2005.08.29  16.10
Wow, Wikis are Wonderful

My favorite so far from Wikiquote:

"I am a mother pheasant plucker.
I pluck mother pheasants.
I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker
who ever plucked a mother pheasant."

Mood: amused

  2005.08.29  13.17
Another Comming Of Age

Ooops, I forgot to mention in my previous post another comming of age. My car turned 100,000 miles yesterday. Congratulations, Contour! May your next 100,000 miles be full of health and vigor!

Mood: jubilant

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